Alexander Wang X H&M Madness!

As I wrote on Tuesday, I have been pretty busy lately, and my mind has been occupied by everything but the coming Alexander Wang for H&M collection – which was released this morning!

I woke up feeling rested and good after nearly 12 hours of much needed sleep. This feeling was shattered instantly after logging onto Facebook and seeing my good friend Thomas’s pictures from this morning’s collection launch in Stratford! I had completely spaced out, that I was supposed to wake up super early and go to Regent Street and get a good spot in the queue..! What to do?

Well, I have been in the situation before, where I wasn’t able to go to the collection launch, so I had to settle for trying to get through the madness that is online shopping during a H&M collaboration launch. Last time it took me a good 45 minutes to get through, so I knew what I was in for. However, this time, was so much worse, as once you finally got through to shopping, the website kept crashing – all the way up until the actual card payment.

Blog1 Blog2

Oh well, after 45 minutes of struggle, I succeeded, and I ordered 4 things – which I can only hope suit me! Otherwise there’s always the option of returning or worst case scenario: ebay! Anyway, here are some pictures of the things I got:

Blog7 Blog6 Blog5 Blog4

Later on, when I have received it all, I will do a proper post about how awesome they really are! Until then:


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