Alexander Wang x H&M

I have always been a big fan of the H&M collaborations. They do a banging job, time after time! Somehow I have completely managed to miss out on the fact that H&M will be launching a collection with Alexander Wang on 6ht November, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw British Vogue’s post on Facebook about the full collection being up, I was thrilled!

The collection has a really cool, very street and very 90’s vibe. It’s the kind of stuff I can imagine being worn by both the punks in Camden, the Hipsters in the East and South! It’s super awesome, and I can’t wait to the collection hits the stores!

I have picked out a few of my favourite pieces for you to see, but you can look at Vogue for the full collection. Here is my wish list:

Wang-HM-lookbook-7-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_426x639 Wang-HM-49-99-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_426x639

This dress is so super cool and 90’s! There’s also something quite punk and early Versace over it? At any rate, it would be a sick party dress, but I doubt it would suit me though… Oh well, some lucky soul out there will get the honours. Retails at £49.99

Wang-HM-lookbook-6-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_426x639 Wang-HM-79-99-mesh-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_426x639

Oh my, this jumper is unreal! The cut out bits, the mesh, the panelling – I just love it! It’s really far from what I’d normally wear, but it seems like the kind of thing you could work into your wardrobe. Retails at £79.99

Wang-HM-27-99-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_426x639 Wang-HM-24-99-logo-crop-top-Vogue-15Oct14-pr_b_426x639

I like both of these tops, but the first one with all the yellow strappy details and wrap-around-effects is by far my favourite piece in the entire collection! If I was to buy just a single item, that would be the one! It’s majestic. It’s the unicorn of cropped tops/sports bras! Retails at £27.99 and £24.99


Another item I absolutely adore, but doubt will suit me. Oh well, it’s really nice, and I just had to include it in this post..! Retails at £59.99


These boots look totally awesome, and again: quite 90’s! I love the platform and the sleek Doc. Martin-style ankle, not to mention the front zip and punch holes. However, it is really hard to tell what the material is going to look like in real life from this picture. At £149.99 I would hope they are genuine leather, but yes, they certainly look amazing in the photograph!


Last but not least: another mega cool jumper! This one is cropped, with a slim silhouette, and it just looks fabulous. I could imagine that paired with a pencil skirt or jeans and a white shirt under. Wowser, so nice! Retails at £29.99

I reckon I will have to be camping out at the Regent Street or Oxford Street branch on Thursday 6th November, so hopefully – fingers crossed – I will be able to get my hands on some of these goodies. Good luck hunting, guys!


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