Bra or no bra?

Over the past couple of year I have noticed a big change in how my friends and I dress; we have stopped wearing bras! Either we go completely braless or we wear sports bras… And it’s not only us. Young women everywhere – well, everywhere…

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This viewpoint may be a bit biased as I mainly surround myself with the so-called Hipsters of East London, and the Hippies and Punks of Camden! Anyway, there is a fair amount of young women ditching the bra, which 5-10 years ago seemed completely mental!

I remember getting my first bra in the 5th grade and feeling like a proper woman. Since then it was Unimaginable that I’d go anywhere without out – I even slept with it on! God forbid anyone would see the natural shape of a breast – or even a nipple! But why?


Maybe hipsters are reviving the 60’s movement, but what did nipples ever do wrong? As my friend Justyna said “We all have nipples, why do I have to hide mine, when boys can show theirs so freely?” I think she’s right… We have been so busy sexualising attributes and setting impossible standards for beauty, that we have forgotten what the “normal” woman looks like. It’s sad really. That’s why taken off your bra and choosing comfort over conformity has becoming revolutionary liberal thinking – even though it should just be common sense?

Today is international “No bra day”, which is a stunt to draw attention to breast cancer – which is a bit silly, really… Sure ladies, take of your bras for breast cancer, but who are you curing? And why does taking off your bra have to be such a shocking thing?


Studies made over the past 15 years argue that bras don’t actually benefit the breasts, so apart from sexual appeal, bras have no function. Sure people are different, and not everyone shares my view point; I recently aired the topic of going braless to my new course mates, and frankly most of them seemed surprised to say the very least… However women should be able to do whatever – even letting hair grow freely!


We’re not just talking about your “private hairstyle”, no… Today there are websites and societies dedicated to letting your hair grow – armpits, legs, whatever. I frequently come across women who don’t shave, and while personally, that is not for me, I respect their decision to not shave, given they are hygienic…


To sum up, bra or no bra, it’s a choice, but can we all stop being so scared of the natural human body? 


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