Countryside Living, Current Mood & Vintage Withdrawels

Oh boy! I don’t even remember the last time I attempted to compose a blog post, that wasn’t created in a corporate context. In all honesty, it would appear that my social life and spare time has been completely absorbed by university tasks and dissertation writing. Fortunately, the madness is finally coming to an end, as I have handed in my dissertation – and receiving a satisfactory A for it – I can now look forward to graduating on the 4th November in Christ Church, Spitalfields!

So what’s happening at this exact moment? Not much, really… The main focus is job-hunting and figuring out what my next step in life might be – which can be confusing enough, if you think about it. I’m currently residing in the beautiful countryside of Denmark – better known as Thy – where I am interning with a super cool start-up company called Elsk Klitmøller. It’s all about sustainability, quality and creativity and I’m enjoying it tremendously!

It all sounds good, however, with the weather being so miserable as it is these days – all grey and dull – life does get a bit boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love the seaside and going for walks in the woods, but I miss Big City Life oh so much. I miss vintage boutiques, coffee shops, street lights, gigs, pubs and more importantly: I miss my London “Pineapple” Family a lot!

You might find the Pineapple-thing odd, but there’s an explanation: throughout my time in London, people have come and gone, and things change very quickly. The one constant however, has been my little group of friends: Eerika, Diana, Kadi, Kadri & Karen. We have been discussing which group tattoo to get since our first semester in London, but it wasn’t until last summer, on a drunken night in Estonia, that we decided to get Pineapple Tattoos – and we didn’t actually get these badboys until my talented friend Karen Buckley became a tattoo apprentice. I’m super happy with my tattoo, and I proudly show it off. However, I’m constantly met with the question “Why a Pineapple??” – but come on, how do you explain something as epic as this:

DSC_0140 Kadi Kadri Me

It’s not all bad though. One of my favourite vintage shops – Zappa Second-Hand – is situated a few hours away, and I’m constantly searching for an excuse to go pay it a visit! Zappa is an incredible place, and I hardly know where to start my story. The owners are absolutely lovely: oh so friendly, dear and sweet – and they actually used to be in a Rock Band in the 80’s!


The shop itself is a hidden gem in the city of Kolding, and the only problem you might encounter when going there, is not being able to physically carry or even afford all the treasures you are bound to unearth! Regardless of style, time period, garment or accessories, labels or home-made: you will be sure to find something there. I have personally made several good discoveries at Zappa, and these items have quickly become some of my favourites.

However, being more or less stuck in Thy, I must (for now) remain satisfied by amusing myself with following their quirky Facebook updates and placing orders on their Etsy Shop.

– Here are some of current favourite items:

il_570xN.708215638_6d0m il_570xN.742164290_rk1b il_570xN.765860347_an35 il_570xN.791370764_t5q7 il_570xN.832280373_os8p il_570xN.844561729_acfu

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