Egon Schiele – Radical Nude

Oh wow! It’s been more than two months since I last took the time to sit down and write a blog post. In fact, I’ve barely done anything creative since the Autumn! It almost feels like I’ve been sucked up, into this vacuum of just university, assignments and work – no social life, no art, no nothing! 

However, it’s time for some change. I’m starting to get my energy back, and I’m starting to feel inspired by things again. Finally! I shouldn’t be complaining really… I guess this is what should be expected when doing an MBA – balancing priorities is just so hard! I’m hoping that for the remaining couple of months of teaching/assignment writing (not to mention the 3 months dissertation period) I will stay on track. Here’s hoping, anyway!

Recently Somerset House has on an exhibition called “The Radical Nude”, showcasing the work of Egon Schiele. Having never heard of this Austrian painter before, I felt like i had unearthed a rare treasure! Everything about Schiele fascinates me: The tragic story of an artist dying at the mere age of 28 due to the Spanish Flu, the fact that his work from 1913 can be so contemporary, and his unique, expressive style – I’m hooked!

The body of work he has managed to produce over such a short period of years is astonishing, and it can all be found on the website , however I have picked out just a few of my favourite pieces:


Supposedly a self portrait? Regardless, the bold use of colour and the contouring leaves a strong impression! It’s so simple, yet there’s so much expression? Look at the face of the fellow at the bottom of the page..! Or the casual, unevenness of the red..? Amazing!

Female Nude 2 egon schiele

This one is my favourite! I’m currently creating an art collage on one of the walls in my flat, and I need this to be part of the collection! I just love it… The black lines, the high lights – it’s all so cartoony – but at the same time, the imperfections and crookedness of the body makes it so real..!

Green Girl

This painting/drawing is almost the signature style of the radical nude collection.The subtile use of colour combined with the detailing gives an almost pornographic effect, while the crookedness of the body and the posture has a desexualising effect.

Nude woman with a skirt


… Just beautiful!


This piece is really special! So much colour, shape and feeling… It reminds me of the work of Marcel Duchamp and Dadaism. So strong, so amazing..!

Woman touching her breast

And lastly, another woman… To be fair, there’s loads of work featuring men, but somehow, I just find myself more drawn to the work of women. I suppose it has something to do with curves? Anyway, this piece is another beautiful example of a nude, however Schiele has created loads of dressed portraits too! They are really interesting in their use of negative space, and they are definitely worth having a look at…

Further information about Schiele can be found on Courtauld’s website – it even has a nice little video!


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