Elvis & Kresse – Fashion with Conscience!

Elvis_work_bench_webA while back, my good friend Eerika, introduced me to this new Fashion brand called Elvis & Kresse, which is all about upcycling and always taking a more ethical and sustainable approach to manufacturing – and life in general. At first I listened, but didn’t fully comprehend the extend of their awesomeness.

In a nutshell, Elvis & Kresse recycle interesting materials such as printing blankets, military-grade parachute silk and fire hoses, and use them in gorgeous handbags, belts and rugs. At first I was sceptical – How can a fire hose bag ever look good? But after seeing Eerika’s wash bag, I have to admit, it is pretty nice. My enthusiasm grew even more after browsing Elvis & Kresse’s website: wowser! There’s quite a few neat things there, I wouldn’t mind owning:

My absolute favourite is the Tooley Tote, retailing at £260:

Tooley1 Tooley2 Tooley3 Tooley4This bag is absolutely stunning, and the story behind it makes it even more precious! This bag is done in collaboration with Bill Amberg – a renowned leather craftsman! Futhermore the name represents the heritage of the material: the creation of London Fire Brigade is largely due to a two-week fire, which started in Tooley Street in 1861. All the fire hoses used by Elvis & Kresse have served a life time of 25 years, and are now reclaimed, redesigned and upcycled into beautiful, sustainable and durable bags, belts etc. Isn’t that a nice thought? Imagine all the good, that bit of plastic has done, and how much pleasure it will give you in the future!

Anyway, there are plenty more wonderful things to be discovered at Elvis & Kresse – such as:

 MacBook case, retailing at £45:

Sleeve1 Sleeve2 Sleeve3This bad boy is crafted from fire hose, coffee sack and military-grade parachute silk! How cool is that?

Overnight Bag, retailing at £215.50:

Overnight1 Overnight3 Overnight4Super cool, and super easy to maintain. The material can be wiped clean with a damp cloth – how easy is that?

Lastly, the Soft Briefcase, retailing at £250:

Briefcase1 Briefcase2 Briefcase3 Briefcase4

This is a brilliant take on a classic office piece – and like most Elvis & Kresse products: unisex! Crafted in reclaimed printing blankets, with the signature fire hose trimming and parachute silk lining, any business man or woman would make a statement with this beauty by their side. Gorgeous!

To sum up: before you go and acquire your next statement bag – consider Elvis & Kresse! You will be doing both yourself and the environment a favour, buying one of these super cool and durable bags + the heritage of the brand and products, just makes them so much more awesome… I know, I want one!


- Ethical, sustainable fashion never looked better!

Click here to head over to Eerika’s blog post about Elvis & Kresse, and here to check out more cool bags and belts on the Elvis & Kresse website!

*BONUS* for anyone considering buying anything Elvis & Kresse: you can get free personalisation during November by using the code “november14″ at check out!

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