H&M X Balmain Collaboration – Leak?

H&M X Balmain 3

On 5th November H&M has announced yet another designer collaboration. This time the Swedish high street giant has teamed up with French fashion house Balmain, and everyone (myself included) has been eagerly anticipating the preview of the collection. However, as I woke up this morning, I was met by the “shocking” message: H&M X Balmain collection – LEAKED! Wowser…

It’s no secret, I’m huge fan of H&M Collaborations.They’re absolutely brilliant! It’s good publicity for both H&M and the designers, it’s a fantastic opportunity for fashionistas to bag a relatively exclusive item, and it’s the perfect opportunity for designers to “build up” their fan base amongst young prospects – they may only be able to afford high street today, but these illusive collaborations are the perfect way to build up a loyal customer base amongst future high-earners.

Clearly these collaborations serve a greater purpose than simply boosting sales temporarily – which is why I find it highly unlikely that someone “accidentally” leaked 47 pictures from the H&M X Balmain collaboration onto Instagram. I would be surprised if this little stunt wasn’t in fact part of H&M’s marketing campaign for the new collaboration. Nothing attracts attention like a little scandal… Oh well, the pictures are fabulous, and I can honestly say that this collaboration might be H&M’s best – EVER! (At least in my opinion)

I’ve decided to share with you, a few of my favourite pieces from the collection, but if you’re looking for the full collection, check it out this link!

H&M 1 H&M 2 H&M 3 H&M 4 H&M 5 H&M 6 H&M 7 H&M 8H&M 10 H&M 12

Feathers, beads, gold details, embroidery – and all things nice! The overall look of the collection is so chic, and I can’t help but drift off into the glamour of 80’s Hollywood – and possibly Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface? Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever struggled more choosing which items to hunt down on the “big day”. Anyway, this time might not go down as smoothly as usual, as I will be on a short holiday in London for my graduation ceremony, which means I am at the mercy of the hotel Wi-Fi – wish me luck!


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