Interning with House of Holland

This post has been on the way for nearly 10 days, but the past month has been absolutely mental! While being on holiday in Denmark, my friend Patsy (who works at House of Holland) rang me, to see if I wanted to come and help out with the Spring/Summer ’15 collection. As I haven’t previously done any design internships, I was quick to say yes – despite of already working many hours with Hobbs and uni coming up soon. Luckily I was pretty much able to come and go as my work schedule dictated: I would come and go before work, and stay the whole day on my days off; unfortunately that also meant working around 70 hours in one week!

We were around quite a few interns – my guess is between 7-10? We would spend most of out time sewing and embellishing garments for the Fashion Show on Saturday evening (13.0914). It was quite exhausting and my fingers felt funny for days, due to the hours and hours of sewing, but seeing those garments on models strutting down the catwalk fills me with such pride and pleasure, and you just want to tell the whole world “Hey, I helped make that!”.

Saturday was the big night of the show, and I was hoping to take some pictures of my own both backstage and on the catwalk, but unfortunately everything was so manic, and I spend most of my time helping out the models getting dressed and ready, so all the pictures in this post belong to Vogue.

Firstly I want to show the garments I helped make, because they are just too fabulous:


The orange outfit is my favourite! It’s just so nice, and in my opinion the most wearable. I love that it reveals a lot of skin, but still remains really classy. House of Holland just has that feel for cheekiness!


All the garments with the flowery patches are a teeny bit much, but they’re amazing show pieces – and they just make you happy to look at! So psychedelic and exciting!

Secondly, I want to show a few of my favourite pieces. Unfortunately there are no proper pictures of my absolute favourite piece available yet, which was a wine red suede jacket with gold studs and fringes, and the best part: it had the words “Chief Fluffer” on the back! For those of you who doesn’t know what a fluffer is, it is the person who keeps porn actors “hard” in between scenes. Until some pictures of this masterpiece becomes available, please have a look at these garments:


The entire collection is so vibrant, lively, cheeky and fun! The sense of humour is one the things I appreciate the most about House of Holland, and looking at previous collections, which include phrases like “Giddy Up”, you just can’t help but laugh and love the pieces.

Thumbs up for big bold flower prints! Even though we’re heading towards colder times, spring now seems more hopeful. A lot more of this please!

Here’s a video with the entire show: – maybe you can spot the chief fluffer?

You can see the full collection by clicking here!

To sum up, the experience has been amazing! Yes, it was hard work, long hours, balancing Hobbs and House of Holland with a social life wasn’t easy, but to be able to immerse myself in the fashion world and the making of garments – not to mention spending hours creating – was a great experience!

It almost felt like doing my final major project over again? For months I have been avoiding any creative tasks, simply because I (like most other creative/design graduates) have felt fed up with anything that reminds me of uni. However, it felt kind of reassuring, and it gave me a clearer idea of which path to follow once I’m ready to commit to a full time job.

So… Thank you very much; Henry, Alcy, Sarah, Lorenzo – and particularly a massive thank you to my lovely friend, Patsy!


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