The Beauty of Logics

Over the past two years, I have become increasingly interested in Art Deco, Geometric Art and the likes. There’s something comforting about the rationalism and repetition, and as ALT-J so truthfully put it: “Triangles are my favourite shapes!”. Geometry has made it’s way into my life, both in terms of uni coursework and general interest – but certainly also through fashion choices! Therefore, today’s post will review some of the “Triangles” in my life; from artist David Saunders to designer Louisa Parris to wardrobe pieces.

While researching Art Deco-inspired fashion design for my Final Major Project this spring, I came across this wonderful new designer called Louisa Parris. She mainly creates digitally printed silk scarves – which are then used both in garments and millenary – and her interpretation of graphics, lines and art deco really caught my attention. The colours are so soft and contradictory to classic Art Deco, but the repetition, logics and geometric shapes are so classic, and it all just blends really nicely together.

– Ooh! And another thing: the scarves in Collection Three are named after the families in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” – my all time favourite love story!


Absolutely loving Louisa Parris, I was very pleased to discover the British artist David Saunders this summer, as Mummery and Schnelle exhibited a bunch of his work. Mr. Saunders was a co-founder of the art collective the Systems Group (1969), which drew inspiration from, and applied the theory of logical and mathematical processes in their art work. The simplicity and expressive colour use in David Saunders work is breathtaking! Although I mostly prefer his work from the 70’s and 80’s, I love that there’s a red thread in his line of work, as his current pieces – despite of the different style – contains the same colour patterns. Below is a selection of my favourite pieces:

David Saunders 1 David Saunders 2 David Saunders 3David Saunders 4Brilliant aren’t they? Exciting and calming at the same time. Anyway, here is a few of my own geometric wardrobe pieces:


 – Vintage evening bag from the 80’s; bought in Bricklane


- Vintage dress (also) from the 80’s; bought in Aarhus, Denmark. I love this dress so much! It’s so unusual, and it reminds of a Soviet uniform – I like to think of it as my Space Dress..!

DSC_0262 DSC_0260

- Vintage silk, bomber jacket from the 80’s; also bought in Aarhus. This jacket is one of my newer purchases, but it means a great deal to me. Like the dress it is really unusual, and I never saw anything like it before! Particularly the colour palette and the fact that it’s real silk was surprising – I love it!

To round off, I just want to share the ALT-J song mentioned in the introduction: Tessellate


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