The Hobbs Wish List

One of the hardest things about working in retail, is constantly being surrounded by all these amazing things, you can’t have. Sure, you can pick and choose a few, and staff discounts help – but it all adds up! Buuuh… So rather than owning, most of us mere mortals, who are trying to be sensible with money, will be confined to just appreciating from a distance. Therefore I have created this little list of all the lovely Hobbs products I would LOVE to own this season:

Alderley Bag £199

Alderley Bag

Alderley Clutch £99

Alderley Cluth

Ardie Derby £149

Ardie Derby 2Hobbs shoes… Gotta love them… In a good season I’ll end up buying 4-5 pairs – and particularly loafers, brogues or in this case: derbies – are just too awesome!

Brampton Satchel £149

Brampton Satchel

Briar Loafer £149

Briar Loafer#LoaferAddict

Claremont Tote £99

Claremont Tote 2Another bag… What can I say? I have a weakness for totes – and bags in general! And this one just happens to be super adorable + be quite affordable! Wiiiin…

Dover Ballerina £95

Dover Ballerina

Erica Skirt £99

Erica SkirtThis bad boy speaks to me…! I MUST own this! And I think the price is quite good, no?

Lilibeth £179

Lilibeth JacketLoooove this jacket – and so does the rest of the Hobbs clientele! The fabric is just incredible…

Lora Dress £119

Lora Dress 2

Alma Dress £129

Alma Dress 129

Jenna Jacket £169

Jenna Jacket 169

I’ve been wanting a suit since I was 15, and I’ve been dreaming of finding the perfect Hobbs suit ever since i started working for the company. I have a few jackets, but I was never able to find the perfect combination, but I feel like “Jenna” suit might just do the trick. The fabric looks amazing with those golden tones, and I’m hoping it will look nice/fit me well in real life. It’s kind of Chanel-looking isn’t it?

Jenna Skirt £99

Jenna Skirt 99

Mortimer Belt £29

Mortimer BeltViera Coat £179

Viera Coat 179

This could either be so right, or so wrong in real life! In my head I’m expecting a sick 70’s-looking coat with a modern twist, in a nice burnt orange. Hopefully in a soft, drapey fabric?

Magnolia Coat £189

Magnolia Coat 189

So cuuuuute! It’s kinda vintage/50’s-looking, and the print looks really nice. It’s a lot more girly than the things I’d normally go for, but this just speaks to me..! It reminds of this Danish movie series from the 50’s-60’s, called “Lille Per”. It looks like something the one of the main characters called Søs would wear… Danes will get me…!

Ella Necklace £69

Ella Necklace 69This necklace makes me think Hobbs has answered my Instagram prayers? Back in December I came across this really cool vintage dress, which had a belt that looks so similar to this necklace! It’s so cool and elegant..! And I generally feel like there’s quite a bit of nice jewellery this season.


I’m conviced this has to be one of the better seasons I’ve experienced at Hobbs. There are so many nice things, and let’s face it: a few of these goodies will become mine! 

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