Viking Indie Music / West Coast Surf Sound: The Raveonettes

I am completely ecstatic! In a couple of weeks – on 7th November to be exact – I will finally get to experience a teenage dream of mine coming true: One of my favourite bands, the Raveonettes, will be performing at Heaven in London.

I still remember the very first time I listened to one of their songs. It was their all-time smash hit “Love in a Trashcan”, and I watched on the (at the time) hippest Danish music programme: Boogie TV. Just typing out the name of the TV station brings back so many memories. For all you Danes out there: who doesn’t remember watching Nik & Jay’s “Hot” or L.O.C. “Moegluder”? Aaah the Naughties, good times.

Oh well, many years have passed since the release of Raveonettes first album “Whip It On”, and the Danish duo with the West Coast Sound has come a long way. With 8 albums out – Pe’ahi being the latest, they have managed to renew themselves album after album without ever compromising their sound!¬†What I really love about Raveonettes is the Indie approach to making music, the guitars, the vocals and the noise. It’s beautiful, and it’s fabulous for any occasion!


Perhaps that explains the increasing UK interest in the band? I was unable to go to their Shoreditch gig last year, and in a year the venue has become bigger and more commercial + ticket prices have doubled! Not that, that bothers me. I am just thrilled that Raveonettes are even crossing the pond, as they have been based in the US for the past years.

I have had many favourite Raveonette songs over the years, but I have to say the newest album Pe’ahi is what I currently listen to. Particularly the song “Killer in the Streets” has been on repeat for many nights. Other great songs include: “Endless Sleeper”, “Z-Boys”or oldies such as “Attack of the Ghost Riders”.

So yeah, if you’re unfamiliar with the Raveonettes, or just haven’t checked out their newest album I highly recommend doing so, and for now: check out this song:


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