Vintage Knitwear at the Fashion Textiles Museum

Finally having a Sunday off, I figured I’d spend it in a useful manner by paying the Fashion Textiles Museum in Bermondsey Street a visit. They have a new exhibition on titled “Knitwear – Chanel to Westwood”, so despite of the fact I’m not exactly a knitter, I am a textiler at heart, and well… Texture is always fascinating!


Normally I’ll jump through hoops to avoid entrance fees, but despite of the Fashion Textile Museum being quite small AND having an entrance fee, it is really good! They always manage to get their hands on really interesting and unique pieces from private collectors, and also the gift shop always reflects current exhibitions. In fact they even stock a small selection of vintage/second hand books, which are obviously one-offs! Anyway, back to the exhibition.

The FTM is one of the few museums who will still let you sketch and take pictures in some parts of their exhibitions, which is more than most other museums these days. However, I wasn’t allowed to photograph the entire exhibition, so here are a few snaps of the part not under restriction:

DSC_0268 DSC_0266Julien MacDonald A/W 2014

DSC_0270 DSC_0272 DSC_0273Rory Longdon 2011

DSC_0279 DSC_0280Amy Twigger Holroyd 2010

DSC_0284 DSC_0285Sister by Sibling (Sid Bryan, Joe Bates & Cozette McCreery) A/W 2013

DSC_0277 DSC_0288 DSC_0293

And a cheeky few taken when the guard was looking the other way:

DSC_0298 DSC_0296 DSC_0297

I just couldn’t help myself… This garment is too beautiful! All those details – love it! It’s also by Julien MacDonald – it’s the “Broadway Dress”

To comfort myself after the disappointment of not being able to photograph all the beautiful 1920’s and 1950’s garments, I decided I’d buy the book that accompanies the exhibition – except it was £25! I’m a poor student, and I can’t spend all my money on buying fashion books, so I thought I’d check out Amazon, and boy did I get a bargain! £2 for a slightly used version. Yay!


Ooh, I did however buy one book today. I came across a source book for different types of embroidery stitches, and after having discovered a new passion for hand embroidery in my third year of uni, I got that “MUST HAVE” feeling, and I decided to treat myself. It’s only £10 anyway!


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